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Autor: Butterfly Effect o.z.
Aktuálna verzia: 1
Vyžaduje Android: 5.0 a vyššie
Inštalácie: 100+
Veľkosť: 96M
Cena: Zadarmo
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Popis aplikácie:

What is more annoying than be hungry and someone just upset you?? Don’t be HANGRY anymore!! Let’s ventilate your anxious with our new Hyper Casual game Hangry!

Do you think you can train our sumo warrior better than anyone else? Try it now! Food is flooding the dojo and you need to catch it all – into your belly! But be aware as there isn’t only good food! Evil ninja’s army put some bomb there so you need to be picky and quick in decisions!

Game Features:
Exciting catchy training with sumo!
Bonuses that can raise your score upper than peaks!
Challenges with nasty bombs!
Endless game mode with leaderboard!
Story mode with 5 different bosses!
Flow based gameplay!

Humble starts isn’t the best option here. Start in big, catch everything that is digestible and get mighty strength that can defeat all the enemies in one try!

Addictive Gameplay
Try it once, try it second, try it infinite times! Endless mode offer an infinite amount of fun with leaderboards that can be truly hard to climb on. But don’t give up if u can’t do it at the first try – it is completely possible to stand on first place.

No Stress Mechanics
The levels have saving systems so if you don’t do it at first try don’t worry. Your progress is saved and you can do it next time!

So let’s not hesitate anymore and use your hangrinnes to became the GREATEST SUMO WARRIOR EVER!

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