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With Sygic Travel VR you’ll explore lots of beautiful and interesting places all over the world from the comfort of your home. Download Sygic Travel VR app for free, put your VR headset on and start traveling like you’ve never traveled before. Sygic Travel VR works with Google Cardboard and other virtual reality headsets with or without action button.

Sygic Travel VR Features:

The world’s largest database of virtual reality travel content in “ALL DESTINATIONS” section
– More than 5000 unique 360° travel videos and photos from 40 destinations all around the globe.
– Traveled and captured by the professional Sygic Traveler.
– Detailed information and interesting facts about cities and sights for all videos and photos.
– We keep exploring new places for you and update the app content regularly. Stay tuned for more inspiring content!.

“BEST OF” Virtual Travel Guides
– Get inspired by our 360° virtual travel guides of famous cities and landmarks.
– Short, five-minute videos with audio commentary, providing lot of interesting and useful facts about cities and landmarks.
– 40 virtual travel guides currently listed.
– All these videos are free.

Easy-to-use menu
– New, clean 3D UI design.
– Transparent and clear video listing.
– Watch online or offline. VR videos and photos you like can be saved for later to “FAVORITES” menu option or downloaded to “MY DOWNLOADS” menu option. Then you can access them even when you are offline.

Experience unique activities in VR
– Drive tuk tuk in India.
– Fly over Angkor Wat in hot air balloon.
– Take an unforgettable Gondola ride in Venice.
– Enjoy colorful Indian Holi Festival.
– Ride camel near the Pyramids of Giza.

Don’t wait. Discover the world today with Sygic Travel VR.

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